The wisdom of Buddhism

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Buddhism--Sacred books. 
280 pages ; 22 cm; Preface --Introduction --Acknowledgments --ch. 1.The Buddha --1.The unborn --2.The cosmic Buddha --3.His three bodies --4-6.The truth-finder as a way-shower --7.The Buddha's pity --8-10.The Buddha within --ch. 2.The old wisdom schools --The teaching of the elders --11.'Go ye forth, O Bhikkhus!' --12.The Buddha's teaching --13.The first sermon --14.the fire sermon --15.From the Dhammapada --What is not taught --16.From the Potthapada Sutta --17.Vacchagotta, the Wanderer, is answered --18.The Simsapa leaves --19.'The word of the Buddha' concerning the noble truths and the eightfold path --20.The four noble truths --21.The four stages and the ten fetters --No authority --22.The Buddha's address to the Kalamas --23.The test of true teaching --Causality, Karma and rebirth --24-30.Causality --31.The doctrine of rebirth --32.What is reborn --The Self and the not-self --33.The doctrine of no-self --34.The self is empty --25.The person as a chariot --36.When the fire goes out --37.Self dies with ignorance --Three parables --38.The blind man and the elephant --39.Kisagotami and the mustard seed --40.The parable of the raft --The Buddhist life --41.The purpose of the Buddhist life --42.Good works --43.Good moral habits --44.In this six-foot body --45.Getting rid --46.The greatest blessing --47.Progress is gradual --48, 49.The four sublime states of mind --50.Boundless goodwill --51, 52.Fellowship with beauty --53-55.The Arhat ideal --56.The Buddha's last words.; ch. 3.Two further sutras of the old wisdom schools --57.From the Sutra of 42 sections --58.From 'The light of Asia' --The new wisdom schools--ch. 4.The new wisdom schools : India --From the scriptures --59.What is the Maha-yana? --From the Perfection of wisdom --60.Duality and non-duality --61.The heart sutra --62.From the Diamond sutra --From the lotus sutra --63.The Buddha and the rain-cloud --64.Provisional and final nirvana --65.From the Exposition of Vimalakirti --66.The one principle of life --From the Lankavatara sutra --67.Neither permanence nor impermanence --68.No world outside the mind --69.The two-fold egolessness --70.From the Treatise in twenty stanzas by Vasubandhu --From the Awakening of Faith in the Mahayana --71.The practice of faith --From the Surangama sutra --72.The eye, the mind and the essence of mind --73.The control of sexual desire --From the Path of light --74.The master of the banquet --75.Self-surrender --76.Remembrance --77.Anger unpremeditated --78.Regard for others --79.The perfect knowledge --Some Mahayana themes --The void --80.In praise of the void --81.The defilements stopped by emptiness --82.The Buddha-nature and the void --Suchness --83.Suchness --84.The suchness of form --85.The truly so --The Zen unconscious, suchness and the middle way --87.The store consciousness --The Bodhisattva ideal --88.The Bodhisattva's vow --89-92.The Bodhisattva's nature --93, 94.The Bodhisattva's training --95, 96.The Bodhisattva's compassion --87.The Bodhisattva's transfer of merit --98.He does not seek deliverance --99-100.The Bodhisattva's skilful means --The six perfections --101.The six perfections --102-103.The perfection of giving.; ch. 5.The new wisdom schools : china and Japan --The Tendai School --104.On the practice of meditation for beginners --The Kegon School --105.True enlightenment --106.Jijimuge --The Pure Land School --107.Concerning faith --108.Honen on salvation --109.The pure land --11.Mind-only --Records of Zen masters --111.On trust in the heart --112.From the platform sutra of Hui-neng --The Zen teaching of Huang Po --113. I.From the Chün Chou record --114. II.From the Wan Ling record --115.Gradual and sudden awakening --116.From the Shodoka of Yoka Daishi --117.From the path to sudden attainment of Hui Hai --118.From the Blue Cliff records (Hekigan Roku) --119.From the Gateless gate (Mumon Kwan) --120.Dai-O Kokushi 'On Zen' --ch. 6.The Buddhism of Tibet --121.Milarepa and the novices --122.From the Precepts of the Gurus --123.From the Song of Saraha --124.From "The Buddha's laws among the birds' --125.From 'The voice of the silence'; ch. 7.Concentration and meditation --126.The advantages of meditation --127.The purpose of meditation --128.How to begin --129.The use of breathing --130.Virtue and meditation --131.The perfection of meditation --132.The four methods of mindfulness --The fruits of meditation --133.Inward peace --134.Transparent luminosity of mind --135.The essence of mind --136.Beyond thought --137.Hakuin's Song of meditation --ch. 8.The Buddhist order --The ideal monk --138.The Buddha's advice to Sariputra --139.No falling back --140.Dai-O Kokushi's admonition to his disciples --The monk's life --141.'Mindful and self-possessed' --142.Tending the sick --143.Meeting together --144.The rules of the order --145.The ten precepts --ch. 9.Nirvana --Nos. 146-151. --Sources --Abbreviations used in list of sources --Glossary --Index.; 
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