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The awakening of Zen 
Edition: illustrated edition 
Year: 1980 
ISBN: 0877737150 
ISBN 13: 9780877737155 
Series: Shambhala dragon editions 
Call No: BQ9266.S94 
Eloquent Zen: Daito and Early Japanese Zen 
Year: 1992 
ISBN: 0824813839 
ISBN 13: 9780824813833 
Call No: BQ972.Y587 K7 
Gateless gate (Zen writings series) 
Edition: First Edition 
Year: 1979 
ISBN: 0916820084 
ISBN 13: 9780916820084 
Series: Zen writings series ;v. 7 
Call No: BQ9289.H843 Y34 
The Compass of Zen (Shambhala Dragon Editions) 
Edition: 1st 
Year: 1997 
ISBN 13: 9781570623295 
Series: Shambhala dragon editions. 
Call No: BQ9266.S47 
The embossed tea kettle, Orate gama, and other works of Hakuin Zenji. 
Year: 1963 
Call No: BQ9399.E593 E5 
Sounds of Valley Streams: Enlightenment in Dogen's Zen Translation of Nine Essays From Shobogenzo 
Edition: Slight Moisture Damage 
Year: 1988 
ISBN: 088706924X 
ISBN 13: 9780887069246 
Series: SUNY series in Buddhist studies 
Call No: BQ9449.D654 S53326 
The Empty Mirror: Experiences in a Japanese Zen monastery 
Edition: 1st 
Year: 1974 
ISBN: 0395182824 
ISBN 13: 9780395182826 
Call No: BQ9294.4.J3 W4713 
Crooked Cucumber: The Life and Zen Teaching of Shunryu Suzuki 
Edition: Reprint 
Year: 2000 
ISBN: 0767901053 
ISBN 13: 9780767901055 
Call No: BQ988.U9 C47 
The Eye Never Sleeps: Striking to the Heart of Zen 
Edition: 1st 
Year: 1991 
ISBN: 0877735697 
ISBN 13: 9780877735694 
Call No: BQ9288.S463 M47 
Who Is My Self?: A Guide to Buddhist Meditation 
Edition: Third Printing 
Year: 1997 
ISBN: 0861711270 
ISBN 13: 9780861711277 
Call No: BQ1300.P685 K54