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The diamond sūtra and the sūtra of Hui-Neng 
Year: 1990 
ISBN: 0877730059 
ISBN 13: 9780877730057 
Call No: BQ1992.E5 P74 
The Platform Scripture ... 
Year: 1963 
Series: Asian Institute translations,no. 3 
Call No: BQ9299.H854 T3132 
The Platform Sutra of the Sixth Patriarch : translated from the Chinese of Tsung-pao 
Year: 2000 
ISBN: 1886439133 
ISBN 13: 9781886439139 
Series: BDK English Tripiṭaka ; 73-II. 
Call No: BQ1138.B35 
The rabbit's horn : a commentary on the Platform sutra 
Edition: 1st ed. 
Year: 2010 
ISBN: 1932293434 
ISBN 13: 9781932293432 
Call No: BQ9299.H854 L613 
The Sixth Patriarch's Dharma jewel platform sutra, with the commentary of Tripitaka Master Hua [translated from the Chinese by the Buddhist Text Translation Society] 
Edition: 2d ed. 
Year: 1977 
ISBN: 0917512197 
ISBN 13: 9780917512193 
Call No: BQ9299.H854 L613 
The sutra of Hui Neng : sutra spoken by the 6th patriarch on the high seat of "The treasure of the law." 
Edition: 3rd ed. 
Year: 1992 
Call No: BQ9299.H854 L513 
The Sutra of Hui-neng, grand master of Zen : with Hui-neng's commentary on the Diamond Sutra 
Edition: First edition. 
Year: 1998 
ISBN: 1570623481 
ISBN 13: 9781570623486 
Call No: BQ9299.H854 L613